MMTTY BY JE3HHT – Makoto Mori

RTTY with Windows and SoundcardWinXP – Vista – Win7 Downloads MMTTY V1.70KJune 4, 2017 MMTTY170K.exe(Full Version – 3.5MB) MMTTY V170K Engine MMTTY V1.68ASeptember 29, 2010 http://mmtty_MMTTY168A.exe(Full Version – 2.8MB) Updated ARRL.DX file – ARRL.DX.ZIP

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Sound card interfaces

Digimaster from ZLP Electronics. A variety of interfaces and connecting cables are available. PCInterfaces In both kit and pre-constructed form. Microkeyer USB interface from Microham. Other models are available. SignaLink from Tigertronics. Two models available, one that used the computer soundcard and DB9 connection, the second has a built in soundcard and connects via USB Rascal GLX from Bux CommCo. Available in kit or constructed form. A variety of cable options are also available from the site. Rigblaster from West Mountain Radio. Has interface models with both USB and RS232 DB9 connections. Includes inbuilt rig control capability. RigExpert USB interfaces and MixW software. VA3TO linking interface. Operates under EchoLink software and doubles as a soundcard interface for various digital modes. Home Brewing Interfaces can be fairly simple and thus are easily home-brewed. Here are 2 schematics. The first one is for PCs with a serial port being used for PTT, the second one for an Asus Eee netbook. It uses a VOX circuit for PTT.

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SSTV files

MMSSTV stands for Makoto Mori (JE3HHT, creator) Slow Scan TV. It has been the defacto standard SSTV application for many years. Under the pseudonym YONIQ , a new version of the popular MMSSTV software is born for communication through slow scan television or SSTV. The idea is to provide the popular software with certain functionalities , to a greater or lesser extent, demanded by many of its users over time . YONIQ maintains the charm and most of the functions of the original software, but also provides you with other functions that manage to place it within the segment of utilities intended for radio amateurs of the 21st century . A necessary and powerful update since the release of version 1.13 10 years ago. This has been created from the implementation of new code and the modification of part of the source code provided through GITHUB under the GNU license, as indicated at . YONIQ is not a new program , but a continuation and update of the wonderful work done by JE3HHT which he called MMSSTV. So it is simply  a version of the original software , sharing its GNU license as its rightful creator Makoto Mori wishes.

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