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Icom ic9700 with satpc32

ICOM IC-9700 Satpc32 I have managed to get it set up with most of my PC software’s for decoding. But I did have an issue with satpc32. It would not take the address A2h in the settings. it would let me choose it. But it would not use it or default back. So I manually edited the IcomAddresses.SQF file. Located C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\SatPC32. I used notepad there is only 2 lines in the file. I changed both to $A2 this has cured my problem. I could have changed on radio but this would have messed up all my other software settings.

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Old radios didn’t have much in the way of smarts. But as digital synthesis became more common, radios often had as much digital electronics in them as RF circuits. The problem is that digital electronics get better and better every year, so what looked like high-tech one year is quaint the next. [IMSAI Guy] had an Icom IC-245 and decided to replace the digital electronics inside with — among other things — an Arduino. He spends a good bit of the first part of the video that you can see below explaining what the design needs to do. An Arduino Nano fits and he uses a few additional parts to get shift registers, a 0-1V digital to analog converter, and an interface to an OLED display. Unless you have this exact radio, you probably won’t be able to directly apply this project. Still, it is great to look over someone’s shoulder while they design something like this, especially when they explain their reasoning as they go. The PCB, of course, has to be exactly the same size as the board it replaces, including mounting holes and interface connectors. It looks like he got it right the first time which isn’t always easy. Does it work? We don’t know by the end of the first video. You’ll have to watch the next one (also below) where he actually populates the PCB and tests everything out.

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Peak Systems – WinPack Roger Barker, G4IDE sk, was the program author of UI-View and Winpack. UI-View is the most used client program for APRS, UI-View32 has become the reference for other programs. Winpack is a packet radio program with full FBB BBS support and the reference for that application. Roger left us on September 9, 2004. According to Roger’s last wishes his sites had been closed and the program codes destroyed. Therefore the versions UI-View32 V2.03 and Winpack V6.80 will remain the last issued. Registration of the programs is free now, but a donation for a cancer research organisation is suggested. The license conditions are unchanged: "UI-View32 is for use only by radio amateurs, as part of their hobby of amateur radio". For actual registration information for UI-View and Winpack go to Andy’s (MØCYP) page.  

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We Now have a new Packet Radio BBS in the Grimsby Area. GB7CAT 144.950MHZ 1200 baud

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logged QSO’s

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DMR codeplugs

here is where i will be putting DMR codeplugs

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new site and revamp

welcome to my new site and a revamp  of it all.I am going to be adding new sections  and most of it will be based around ham radio

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