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Roger Barker, G4IDE sk, was the program author of UI-View and Winpack. UI-View is the most used client program for APRS, UI-View32 has become the reference for other programs. Winpack is a packet radio program with full FBB BBS support and the reference for that application. Roger left us on September 9, 2004.

According to Roger’s last wishes his sites had been closed and the program codes destroyed. Therefore the versions UI-View32 V2.03 and Winpack V6.80 will remain the last issued.

Registration of the programs is free now, but a donation for a cancer research organisation is suggested. The license conditions are unchanged: "UI-View32 is for use only by radio amateurs, as part of their hobby of amateur radio".

For actual registration information for UI-View and Winpack go to Andy’s (MØCYP) page.


WinPack V6.80 full installation system

WPSFX680.EXE (2.12MB) is a self-extracting archive full installation system.

If you prefer to have the installation on floppy disks, read FLOPPY.TXT, then download WP680FD1.EXE (1.34MB) and WP680FD2.EXE (736kB).

Update an existing WinPack system to V6.80

UPDAT680.EXE (552kB) is a self-extracting archive that will update WinPack V6.51 or later to V6.80.

See CHANGES.TXT for a list of all the changes, version by version, since V6.51.

Online Registration!
Online registration of WinPack is now available! Click HERE for more information. There is no registration fee, but donations to your local cancer agency are requested.

WinPack Manual
Ralph Milnes, KC2RLM, has produced an absolutely superb manual for WinPack. It is available in both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF format.

For the Word version, download (421kB). For the PDF version, download (1.09MB).

There is a mailing list for WinPack. Click the Yahoo!Groups logo for information on how to join the list.

WinPack and MARS – Although the WinPack LICENCE.TXT says “WinPack is for use only by radio amateurs, as part of their hobby of amateur radio”, I include in that the use of WinPack on the US Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) network.

If you’re trying to use WinPack with a Kenwood TM-D700, this STARTUP.TXT script file should help.

For those who hate HTML in packet messages, HTMStrip is a WinPack viewer that removes HTML tags from messages. There is a text file in the ZIP which tells you how to use it. NOTE if you have already downloaded HTMSTRIP.ZIP, this is an updated version (5th December 1998).

WINPNOTE.ZIP – a very simple and very small utility that does nothing more than call NotePad, but it opens it maximized. By popular demand from UK packet users!

All G0OPC’s add-ons for WinPack can be found HERE. These add-ons are so popular that some UK packet sysops are complaining about the traffic being caused by people requesting them as 7plus. So do your bit to help the packet network and download them from here!

(Nothing to do with WinPack, but I said I on the UK packet network that I would put this file here.) If you want to read DK4EG’s original document about DAMA (published in 1989) here it is. DAMA.TXT

MHPE V1.0 – a smart MH list for WinPack when used with the SV2AGW Packet Engine. Tabbed notebook format. Supports "click to connect".

WINPWAIT.ZIP – WinpWait is a very simple utility that allows you to start a program in Windows from your StartUp program group, but to delay its start by a specified number of seconds.

It provides an elegant way of starting both AGWPE and WinPack from the StartUp program group, but delaying WinPack to make sure that AGWPE is properly running before WinPack tries to link to it.

Click HERE for the WinPack Frequently Asked Questions Page, or download all the FAQs as a PDF document (right click the link and select "Save Target As…" or similar).

Do you want to try WinPack in TF host mode, but haven’t got a TF EPROM for your TNC? In that case, these
TF EPROM images might help.

Do you use BPQ with WinPack and occasionally get the program stopping with a GPF in BPQDLL.DLL? Do you use the BPQ DOS applications SWITCH.EXE or PAC4.EXE and occasionally find that they crash with the screen filling with continuous garbage? If the answer to either question is "yes", then this might help you – BPQ application patches. Have you got a problem getting BPQ to work with Win95 or Win98? If so try WIN98BPQ.TXT.

Baycom Driver For WinPack – click HERE for more info!

WINPAKGO.TXT – GW7LHI’s notes on getting WinPack going with BPQ, NODE2BAY and a Baycom modem

BPQMH14.ZIP – if you are using WinPack with BPQ, this add-on gives you a continuous display of the BPQ MH list for each port on your system. Also, you can make a connect simply by clicking on the MH list. (Updated 8th August 1997).

Italian Documentation for WinPack in Acrobat format by IK2CBD is available on his web site.

WINPKP15.ZIP – this is a server and manager program for automatically extracting 2 line Keplerian element sets from bulletins downloaded with WinPack. WINPKEPS.TXT in the ZIP tells you how to use it.

Something that started out as my 1997 "April Fool" – CWVIEWI.ZIP.

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