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Ive just comeacross this page

and am thinginking of getting an arduino to see if i can get it to wourk on it with an ethernet shield

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This weekend has been an ham radio ATV contest.a couple of local radio hams Colin G4PYD and John G0ATW and Lee G4TNX

below is lee in the foreground and Colin behind him

lee is recieving some pictures from a camera mounter below a weather ballon

Below is John G0ATW in the pillar box working a staion

Some welcome visitors enjoying a cup of tea

Below is lee pitching his tent for the evening.What is looking to be a find clear night.but by 11pm the cloud came down and if felt we where in a fog bank.the temp dropped abit.But I know I would be alright in my little backpacking tent. I had my selfinflating rollmat and my season 4 bag so i was in for a cosy night

John starting to feel the vodka haze coming on

below are aout tents for the night John and colin are in the big one. I am in my small gelert Solo 1man backpacking tent all my kit fits inside my rucksack.You can just make out one of my cooking stoves as i was in the car I brought with me a swedish trangia to field test.It does not boil the water as quick as my multi fues stove but as i was boiling up my mainmeal which was a boilin the bag Burger and beans I had my pudding warming up in the swedish trangia

This is the Pillar box we work from at RAF Stenigot which I belive is an old nato Listening station the site is now disused but owned privatly and we have been lucky to used the site as well as the Lincoln short wave group.You can also see ing the pic our trailer mast set up .We have capabillities of transmitting and recieving on most AVT bands 70cms 23cms 2.4ghz we are also qrv on 144mhz and 433mhz as well as full Hf coverage

below is a pic of the Belmont TV transmitter

Belmont television transmitter is situated 18 miles ENE of Lincoln and is a “guyed mast”. Built in 1959, it`s the tallest structure in the UK at 385m (1270ft). Think about it, that`s nearly a quarter of a mile in height !  As a comparison, the tallest building in Britain is
Canary Wharf and that is only 244m high,

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