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I recently bought myself a Swedish Army Trangia to go in my daysack.I was so impressed with it I bought 2 more one is for my lad.I got mine from Ronnie Sunshines on ebay he does new and used ones  both are very good value for money

if you want to know how to use one have a look here

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Ive just been looking around youtube and came across a video with a link to a website

I have only had a  small look through so fare but im impressed

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Whilst looking around the net the other day .I came across a company that sells a gas bottle adapter the fits onto those  small suitcase stoves that take the aerosol tin gas bottles

so you can use them on a normal stove that takes the standard gas cylinder ie
the C100,C500,cv270,cv470 ect
It is made by gelert but they dont list it on its site.But can be found here

my local discount warehouse sells the stove bottles 4 for £4.So it makes it cheap
the pics is of a butane 220g the printing is different but they all seem the same

So I bought the adapter for £3.99+pp  to fit these bottles here are some pics
above each pic is a link to a larger pic

Ive just done a test boil  of 500ml  and it was in 3min 36s
the stove i use is  one
which is very similar to the GOSYSTEM Flexifuel

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