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Well I am back from my holls in Turkey again. We stayed in the duman hotel again in Altinkum.   I know its had a few complaints in the past on tripadvisor. Its not the poshest of hotels buts its cheap and basic its not far from the beach and is close to the main prom and only a short walk away from Dolphin square.A few people have posted good and bad reviews.But often you will only hear about the bad stuff and not the good stuff.

Yes its basic a bit like a travel lodge and yes the rooms could do with a makeover but they are comfy and clean  well onthe 2 times we have stayed they have been

here are a few photos of our room.I had taken the pictures as we where packing up to leave in our last day and the end of the week.the stuff we where leaving behind we put on top of the mirror.As we had bought that much stuff we would be overweight.


But as reported before on tripadvisor   the old manager/owner has now gone to Istanbul and his son is now manager. He is not that talkative but polite but all the other staff where very friendly and also took time out to teach us a little but of the turkish language

While I was there I went Scuba diving with the Crocodile Diving Centre the Instructor is Called Mehmet and he is a great guy.I am looking to return back there soon to do my PADI diving course with him for two pleasure scuba dives and lunch on the boat it costs about £45. you can find his boat in the harbour before10.30 most days  and after 5pm or book through either your  rep of like we did through a company that did trips.The one we used is oppersite Linikers Bar 2 mins from hotel toward the main beach.crocodile

As for food you are spoil for choice we ate at several places. But one that made our trip this year was the WhiteHouse restaurant Next door to the Camels.

The food was outstanding all the staff where brilliant and the otterman plate was to-die for  it was brilliant I would recomend it to anyone


And Mario there made it even More Special  ask him to pole dance for you and ledies if your there ask for the “Dream of the young ladies” for  dessertmario

There is plenty of shopping to be had around Altinkum in the Didim Shopping Centre just behind Dolphin Square there are bargins to be had and you need to haggle.If its not priced  HAGGLE you will get a bargin.

I will add a bit more to this over the next few days

But thanks to Mario and the rest of the staff and the Boss at the Whitehouse Restaurant   you made our holiday this year

Roger and Lorna

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