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It may be American but I believe it also applies to our lads as well

while we are on about Soldiers  out in the war zones it will soon be christmas.Here is a great site supporting our lads

Many will be away from home over christmas and not just the boys and girls in the Army  but also the RAF and Navy as well  so come christmas day. Spend a moment of your time and spare a thought for them. Even if you dont support the war itself  at least support the lads and lasses.

The  sad fact many have died  and others will follow them.Its not good to be told your loved one  or a member of your family has died  but to be told over christmas must the the worst time at all as this is suppose to be a time of goodwill and peace on earth.

Maybe sometime soon my own son will be joining the RAF when he does sign up I hope the war is over.But I dont think it will.But I will give him my support and I will be proud of him  as I am anyway  as any Father is proud of their kids.

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