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well its a quiet day so a quick look around the web  to find new intresting stuff  and I came across this site “The most fascinating abandoned man-made creations+ Their story & location” ITs a great site with some very good quality pics.Another good site is suburbanbushwacker.

On another note my hand has now healed up nicely.So i can get back in the workshop and play wiht my new toy a Tig welder so thanks to the guys at

“” and weldequip on  there for suppling a great tig welder

Ive never used Tig before but I have been getting in some practice and its a joy to use and make nice looking welds.Its a world apart form arc welding. which both have their uses.Ive yet to make anything wiht the Tig  when I do I will post up some pics.

oned man-made creat

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well Im back to work . My hand has healed very well  no noticable scarring  still a little sore. but at least I dot have to put up wiht day time television.god it was doing my head in

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Its been a while since I last posted.Well  have been busy with work   t.ill a few days ago when doing some pipe soldering at home.My plumbers blowtorch  blew up in my hand.

the burn looks bad and after visiting the A&E  hospital  they  refered me across the humber to Catle Hill Hospital  for treatment.

They treatment has worked well and first thoughts by the Docs was i might need a skin graft as the damaged skin is between my thumb and finger. But i dont neet one now.

there will be a little scaring  but not to much I was lucky it could have been a lot worse.

For those of you into DIY welding  have a look at this great forum

once my hand is back to normal I can hopefully get back in the garage and do some welding and get the job finished I started before i went bang

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