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This recent thing about putting flowers by the roadside when someone dies.I know its showing respect but often the accident has happend at a blackspot so stood at the side of the road where someone has died is inviting another death.

The other day I was driving home in the dark coming up to a point there some flowers had been laid.when i Just missed a woman and child  laying some flowers.Now on this stretch of road you often get joggers  so im looking out for them also my truck has a load for spotlights on the front.So i light the road up pretty well.But I will call the woman a daft stupid cow as she was in dark clothing and so was the child.No car in sight how i missed them I dont know.But they where very lucky after swearving to avoid them and hitting the grass verge on the other side of the road and comming to a halt .The woman came up and started give me some abuse.

Now looking at the odds if a car or lorry was coming the other direction  i would have certianly hit it by avoiding her. so looking at it in a cold hearted way

1 human instinct  self preservation

2 chances of survival  with a head on  with another car or lorry  close to n NIL

3 other car driver  chances of survival   close to nil

4 unknow if other passenges  in other car poss upto  5 people inc driver

So  with a natural instinct for self preservation and  looking at the odds   do i swerve and hit car   and poss kill myself  and maybe upto 5 others in other car  making a poss total of 6 dead  or Dont swearve  and try to stop intime  but a good chance  of hitting woman stood in road with dark clothing on and killing her leaving me alive. result one person dead

Bearing in mind this is a stupid woman  with no common sense  is causing the accident what would you do?

#At least the young kid had the common sense to walk on the grass verge  away from the road  and if it was not for the flashy light on their trainers I would not have seen them at all.So this woman was very very lucky

For if I had not seen the flash of light from the trainer  i would not have seen the woman in time also if a car was coming the other way  she might not have lived.

So I know its upseting to loose someone.But dont put your life or others at risk by putting flowers by the roadside it could kill you

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